Magnolia Tree
Collinsville Memorial Library
408 W. Main
Collinsville, IL 62234

Magnolia Tree

In March 1966 the 76 year old Magnolia Tree planted by the late Theodore Ambrosius was moved from its original site on Clay Street to the front lawn of the Collinsville Memorial Library.

The tree was scheduled to be taken down from the property owned by the Illinois Bell Telephone Company to make way for expansion of the company building. The Library Board decided to save the tree and have it moved the two blocks to the library property.

The A-C Construction Company was to move the tree which was 20 feet high and 35 feet across. It took 2 days for John Luja Nursery in French Village to prepare the tree for transplanting. At the time the tree was estimated to have 50,000 magnolia buds on it.

The landscaping crew dug up the tree and put burlap around its roots forming an 11 foot wide ball. The tree was then hoisted onto a high lift with the tree counterbalanced by about a ton of bagged rock salt on the outriggers. It was moved through the alleys of Guernsey and Main Streets to the library lawn.

Sadly within the year the Magnolia Tree died but from its roots grew the existing tree.