Collinsville Memorial Library Center
408 West Main
Collinsville, IL 62234

History of 1937 Building

In September of 1927 the house at 408 West Main was owned by Stephen W. Renfro was purchased for $11,524 by the Collinsville Library to be its first official home. In the 1930s a federal PWA public works grant of $9,000 toward the erect of a new building was obtained. The Library Board had $5,000 in its building fund and the city council of Collinsville approved the additional funds necessary for the construction for a total cost of $22,392. The Renfro house was razed and the first brick for the new library was laid on March 19, 1937. The building was completed on July 31, 1937 and dedicated on August 15, 1937 in observance of the Centennial of the platting of Collinsville in 1837. J.W. Kennedy was the architect and Charles Groneau Jr. was the contractor.